The Fourth Day…

I think the worst part about clinicals is the night before… you find yourself wondering, “What kind of patient(s) will I have tomorrow? Will I be able to handle it?” It’s about 9:30pm now and although I’m tired, I know I’ll have a restless sleep.

It never fails. I’ll sleep until about 2am and then I’ll start waking up every hour on the hour until its time for me to actually get up. I wonder if Justine still has nights like this?

Demi’s got the right idea here….

Tomorrow is my 4th day. Aren’t all 4th days supposed to be good? Think about it… sure, Jesus rose on the 3rd day, but it probably wasn’t until the 4th day that people really started to hear about it… slow communication lines… and didn’t Luke destroy the Death Star after knowing how to use The Force for only 4 days?

Day 1: Luke meets Ben, gets the Lightsaber, finds out about The Force, meets Han and Chewie, does the Lightsaber training on the Falcon with Ben

Day 2: The gang rescue Leia and fight their way out of the Death Star, head to Yavin

Day 3: Hang out at Yavin, take a shower, find out how to destroy the Death Star

Day 4: Blow up the Death Star

Yep. Looks right to me.

Undeniable proof that tomorrow will be a good day.


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