Getting My Ass in Gear…

Well, the end of the first week is upon us. It’s been a good week, I’d say… but I seriously need to focus. After yesterday’s clinical day, I turned to Carlos and said, “Dude… I had better get my ass in gear QUICK.”

Seeing everyone has been an added bonus. We’ve all fallen back into the groove (physically, not mentally!!!) and we’re ready to tackle the last 7 months together. The intensity of the program is still there, but I think we’re all a little wiser on how we approach things. For example, instead of waiting until the last minute to do an essay, I’ve already knocked it out! Sure, it doesn’t matter that the essay sucks, but hey – at least I’m ahead of the game.

We’ve also decided that teaching one another is the best way to get the information into our heads. Here’s Cindy and Dave in one of these teaching sessions:

“See, Dave? The foot bone’s connected to the shoulder bone….”

Well, Dave really took the teaching and decided to further explore the subject. He was doing just fine until he hit the centerfold shot…

“What the hell is THAT?????”

Yes, I think this new method will bring us a multitude of “A’s.”

Saddest part of this is that I’m the one pictured in that centerfold shot.


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