Didn’t I Just Leave This Place?

Today was the first day of full-on-study-mode for me. I woke up early, busted out a concept map for Multiple Sclerosis, read some stuff that I can’t remember right now, and then headed off for another day at the library. I sat in the exact same spot as I did during finals:

Didn't I just leave this place?

See those two girls on the left? I think they were studying pharmacology… the reason I say this is because their discussion ranged from insulin types to laxatives. I totally recognized the material they were covering, and was SO tempted to help them when they got confused on what kind of laxative Milk of Magnesia is.

“‘Scuse me, ladies… but Milk of Magnesia is an osmotic laxative… you see, what it does to feces is this…”

I didn’t say anything because feces and laxatives aren’t exactly the best topic of conversation upon meeting someone.

The first weeks of a new semester are always the most chaotic for me. Time management is still up in the air because I’m still trying to figure out just how much time I need to spend on each subject, and which subject(s) are going to give me the biggest headache. I have to get it all squared away pretty quickly, though, because next week I have classes from Monday to Saturday… with an exam coming up the following Monday. Ouch.

Sad thing is that all I can think about right now is the most awesome trail mix from Trader Joe’s.

Man, I hope that’s on the test.


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