I’m My Own Worst Enemy…

Here I am again at the library. I’ve been here for most of the day so far… this morning’s final went well (I hope). Time will tell if I kicked or got kicked in the ass.

Tomorrow’s final is for Pharmacology. There is SO much information to consume right now. I kind of… wait… I REALLY regret putting pharm aside until after medsurg. That was a mistake. Man, if I only had ONE more day to study…

But that’s not going to happen. So right now I’m just writing everything on this white board. I’m sure I’m missing something, but I’m a bit too frazzled to care right now.

Dude, I can't even read my own writing...

I’m staring down a looooong night of studying. And seeing as I can’t read my own friggin’ writing, I’ve really got my work cut out for me.

Stupid penmanship. I do believe I’m my own worst enemy.


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