Another Day, Another Dollar…

The title of this post actually doesn’t really make any sense because I don’t have another dollar for this day, but I DO have another day for this day.

So the post should probably read, “Another Day, Another Day.”

But that’s not a popular saying, so screw it.

I’m at the library again, trying to study. The words, “burned out,” come to mind… so do the words, “pingueculae and pterygium,” but that’s only because I’m reading about it right now. The library has become my second home. I’ve spent more time here than I have anywhere else, and to be honest, I have had just about enough of it. I can talk, sure, but I can’t guffaw and hardy-ho-ho as I’d like to. Also, there’s no drum kit for me to pound away at whenever I lose focus.

Which reminds me – Rush’s classic song, “Tom Sawyer,” is REALLY frikkin’ hard to play on the drums. I felt like a baby learning to walk as I gave it my best go last night. I was alone and still embarrassed. Kind of like how I shut the door to the bathroom when I have a bowel movement, even though I’m the only one in the house.


Anyhow, here’s a panoramic shot of the library from my point of view. The whiteboard has yet to be written on today, but you can bet your sweet arse that I’ll draw some stupid pictures on it as the day progresses.

Yup. This day is about as boring as this picture...


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