Well Whaddya Know…

So the first final is over and done with… and whaddya know… studying actually HELPS!

I feel pretty good about this morning’s exam. I either did quite well or flat out failed it.

After the final, I headed to the library to study. Stayed there for 6+ hours doing pharmacology. That was a long 6+ hours. I’ll tell you what helps me – writing everything on a whiteboard, double checking it, then rewriting it again on a piece of paper. I think my brain works by remembering where I wrote things on a piece of paper. For instance, if I write “Joe likes cats” on the upper right corner of the paper, then I’ll most likely remember that Joe likes cats.  If I write it in different spots all the time, then I won’t remember that Joe likes cats.

Weird but works for me.

So I then came home and hit the books again after feeding my stomach. It’s about 9:50pm right now and my eyes are struggling to stay open. I think I’ll go find some more food.  I want to get through at least another chapter tonight before crashing.

Just a few more days…


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