Rabbit Ears Never Get Old…

It’s crunch time. Finals are just around the corner and I’m feeling the squeeze. I’ve been hitting the books (kinda) hard… distractions a-plenty around here. I also had my braces tightened. Ouch. Been quite the week so far, and it’s only Wednesday. I have SIM lab tonight… should be fun. I enjoyed the last one, and as long as I don’t ask the patient if they’re hungry during an MI, I think I’ll be ok.

Man alive there’s so much to cover for finals. I think the hardest part for me is knowing where to start. There’s SO much information… I know I can’t read every single word in the textbooks… I’ve just got to figure out how to cram it all in my head AND be able to access it when the time comes.

My Health Assessment lab final is tomorrow morning at 7:45am. WHY did I choose that time slot????  Well, as long as I don’t have a major brain fart, I should be ok. My big problem now is getting ahead of myself during the exam. I have 45 minutes… I just need to breathe, take it easy, and oh yeah – don’t mess up.

So considering how much material there is to cover –  for the next week or so, this is pretty much what I think my classmates and I are going to be doing:

I think the Pope could walk by and nobody would notice.

We’re all staying positive, though. There’s no use in getting down about finals… they’re inevitable… just like death and taxes. So to end this post on a happy note, here’s a bit of this:

Rabbit ears NEVER get old


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