A-Researchin’ I Will Go…

The past few days have been pretty eventful. Yesterday was a good clinical day… I got an “A” on my care plan (yay!), which just goes to show that I can learn something new. I also discovered this kind of all-in-one shower cleaning cap for patients. It works like this – you just warm it up, plop it on your head, massage it in for a few minutes, then take it off and KABLAMMO! You got clean hair.

Pretty snazzy. Dave and I were amazed. We both decided to go pick up a few at Walmart and see if we can’t go a whole month without ever stepping into a shower.

Yeah, you probably don’t want to hang out with us at the end of that month.

Here’s a picture of my clinical group, along with Professor Gilmore:

Good lookin' group, huh?

So that was Wednesday. Today (Thursday) I spent the entire day at the main campus for Research Day. Yes, Research Day was filled with research presentations… it was actually quite interesting. My cohortmates and I got dressed up and enjoyed each presenter, along with some good food and company.

I'm the one sitting at the table looking all researchy

Here’s a pic of the entire cohort…

Top Row (L to R): April, Marissa, Vivian, Stacy, Demi, Killarney, Cindy, Christie, Andrew, Soloumeh, Dave, Me. Bottom Row (L to R): Erica, Angelica, Denise, Laurie, Molly, Carlos, Genii

Yes, I learned a great deal on this day of days… and to prove it, take a lookie here:

I'm sooooo cool.

I told Molly that I wasn’t planning on studying tonight… but I’m afraid I’m going to have to because now I feel guilty.


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