Dude… I SOOOO Know What You’re Talking About!

I made it through the week’s hump, which means I’m starting to look forward to the weekend. You’re probably wondering, “What crazy plans do you have for the weekend?” Well, I’m glad you asked!

1. Work on my care plan

2. Run through the physical assessment until I’ve got it memorized

3. Study, study, study

4. Finally take a bath

Now, before you start screaming out, “GROSS!!!!” let me explain… I’m going to do the physical assessment on an imaginary patient.

Why do I need to have the physical assessment down by the weekend?  Because I was stupid smart enough to sign up for the very first time slot on the day of the exam! Take a lookie here:

7:45am for a test? What am I, bazoinkers?

As you can clearly see, my buddy and lab partner, Andrew, is testing right after me. It’ll go well and then we will be done with that portion… plus we’ll have the next day off! Woo hoo!!! (we usually have class that day)

I love it when a plan comes together.

Clinicals went quite smoothly this week. I had a patient diagnosed with acute coronary syndrome (ACS), which worked out because I had just reviewed/covered ACS last week. When the cardiologist came in to exam the patient, I stood there and listening… I was tempted to say, “Dude… I SOOOO know what you’re talking about! You want me to take over? I got this…”

The cardiologist probably would have slapped me upside the head while saying, “What you talkin’ ’bout, Willis?”

During lunch, I snapped this picture of Vivian waiting for her food. I love this pic:

"Hellooooo food... HURRY UP!!!"


I think I’m going to bring my camera from now on… the cell phone camera just ain’t cuttin’ it.

One last thing – a student from the cohort that graduated last December came in for a visit during our Concepts class. Chuck was hired right away at Loma Linda and gave us all a much needed lift. I remember meeting him at our initial orientation late last year. He told us that six or seven of the students from his cohort were hired at LL… they all get to work together. VERY cool. Gives me hope, that’s for sure.

It was good to end the day on a high note. And now that I’ve come down from that high, I bid you goodnight.


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