Non-cartwheels moment…

Well, yesterday’s test did not quite go as I planned it to. To be honest, I don’t know what I got as a final grade, but it doesn’t look too good. Sometimes NCLEX-type questions can leave me scratching my head for days. I did my best to eliminate and narrow down the choices, and I can only hope that my #2 pencil was being guided as I marked the scantron.

I’ve been checking online for the grades every hour on the hour… I don’t think they’ll be posted that soon, but that’s just how curious I am as to what I got.

Here’s a picture I took sometime last week that seems to fit this non-cartwheels moment. I’m completely oblivious as to what Cindy and Dave were talking about, but it looks like a pensive moment, doesn’t it?  They were probably talking about who is next in line to clean the microwave in the student lounge…

"Did you SEE the mess Thomas left in the microwave?"

Gonna hit the books right now.


3 Responses to “Non-cartwheels moment…”

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