Student of the Week…

It’s about 9:45pm right now and I am going to take a break from the books. I have to admit that I’m really into these chapters on heart disorders/diseases/conditions. After observing some GI lab procedures, I think it would be quite interesting to sit in on some cardiac ones. It’d probably be even more interesting to assist in one.

I wonder how I could go about doing that someday? Hmmmmmm….

Anyhow, I found a 6th grade souvenir… a booklet from my “Student of the Week” week. In this booklet, my fellow classmates took my name and… well, you’ll get the idea with this picture:

Apparently, I did not amuse Kailas

Some choice lines:

“Only some people like his stories”

“Sometime I like him”

Dude. I’m the friggin’ Student of the Week, Kailas. The least you can do is be cool and lie.

We should totally have a student of the week thing going on. Of course, we’d have repeats because there are so few of us, and I have no idea what the benefit would be (in 6th grade we got to choose what activity we’d do during P.E.), but I’m sure we could think of something. Here’s just a couple of ideas:

1. The student of the week (SOW) would get to set the thermostat in room 190

Wow. I just sat here for a good 5 minutes and aside from that suggestion, I came up with NADA.

It’s all Kailas’ fault.



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